"Fuck It" -Emilee, 2 Years

So I was gonna save that title for a really bad day. In fact, I had a blog written with that title but then I deleted it because the blog was too mean. But I like the "F" word. And it's so funny that my sister's daughter says that sometimes. I wonder where she learns it....

My baby is about to wake up but I am going to let him cry until i'm done. yeah. I'm a bad mom.

So life has taken a turn for the....worst/best. Remember that one time I wrote about life being so great and all? Well it is still, but in a different way. I LOVE Al-Anon. I love God.

Don't worry, he's not crying yet. Still asleep in his Boppy which by the way says on the tag, "Do not let child sleep in Boppy." Again, I'm a bad mom. And I bet if you have a Boppy you will go check the tag. My baby loves me though. He smiles and laughs with me. It's a good time.

Today I would like to talk about idiots. There are some effing idiots in the world. Actually, I just changed my mind. I don't want to talk about them anymore. I want to talk about my life. Yeah. It's exciting all right. It's s hard for me not to yell out loud what has been going on. I want everyone to know. The people involved in my situation know the gravity of it all and know that blank and blank are stupid ducks. ha ha. I'm funny. My phone does not spell bad words. So it comes up with words like duck for... well you can guess.

I'm tired and haven't even been able to go to the effing store for lettuce. I want my lettuce. And cottage cheese. Because David left it out on the floor. I never said anything to him because Al-Anon reminds me to ask myself "How important is it?" So I held my tongue. And I'm still proud of it. (David when you read this, I'm over it. So don't worry. I'm not over other stuff though...)

I was talking to my sister today and I told her I want drugs. She said that me wanting drugs is me wanting to numb the pain. It's true. But I still want them. Sorry Steph, coffee just won't cut it. I'm pretty sure if I run into anyone with pot, I'll probably mug them for it. And then I'll go to jail. Oh well. It might be worth it. At least I don't want alcohol right? Ok well I do... but I'm not even gonna take that avenue.

That's all for now. Ily. <---- a="" anyway="" computer="" for="" freak="" i-l-y.="" i="" ily.="" into="" it.="" lately.="" love="" m="" now.="" p="" reason="" so="" some="" that="" thinking="" you.="">
And don't worry, he's JUST waking up. A blessing from God maybe? Yeah. I think so. 

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