Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So today was probably one of the most stressful days of my life. I don't even know.

School started, which was great. I went to my first class on campus at Lock Haven University which was awesome. It felt so good to be back in the classroom again. I loved it. Thanks to my good friend Jenny for being my campus ambassador. She helped me get my parking permit and showed me to my new class. It was sweet.

Anyway, so I get home to find out they accepted me into the accounting class I have been trying to take for several semesters. Yes. great news. But bad news because now I have early mornings all week. Ok. So I can handle that. THEN I log onto my NAU classes and realize, 'Hey, i'm signed up for 15 classes here'. Yeah. Not good for el pregnito. 21 credits is a lot. Needless to say, I got overwhelmed and finally wrote my advisor.  Which I should have done in the first place... this I know.

THEN, I call probably 20 dentists to find out if they accept my insurance (which none of them do). I give up because I am sick of the pain I have had causing me to not sleep and be miserable. I call a doctor in the phone book and wall-ah. They LOVE people with NO insurance. I head over and meet with some super cool people who tell me they will deal with my issue right then! They are going to pull my incoming wisdom tooth! I was ecstatic. Really I was. And I am still. even though it hurts like a mother and I can't eat the delicious pizza David and Darrell ordered tonight.

It doesn't sound very bad, but when one is prego, everything is a big deal. It's just been a hectic few weeks and I feel like I haven't talked to David in a long time. So love bunny, when you read this, come talk to me.  Also, I've been in a lot a lot a lot of pain lately with the tooth thing. It's really caused me a lot of issues including no sleep. I can't wait to hit the pillow tonight. If only I could stop the peeing 10 times a night....
On another note, I felt el bebe move! Yes. He's a mover. I realized that he's been moving for awhile but I just thought it was gas. The other night though, I was laying in bed with my hands on my belly when I felt a little jump in my tummy which I knew was not gas. I was so excited. I think David even felt him a little bit too. It was and is a good time. Yay!!! This week, he is the size of a large banana. I like bananas.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hi lovers-
I wanted to post this picture of our little alien because he is so dang cute. Yes a little weird looking, but he's still cute. Remember, this was taken on December 1st so he's much bigger now. Yay! Go alien!

Monday, January 8, 2007

Oh wait. Yes it is. At least for me. jk. lol.
I have discovered something recently for which I am grateful. Let me begin a tale which ends happily. It
begins though, on a dark sullen night in a faraway land....

ok. Just kidding. But I do want to say something that I have come to realize. For the reader, this may not be a new discovery, but for me it has been a lifesaver.

I moved to Lock Haven basically on a whim. There was nothing for me in the CV/Paulden and it was just the right time. It was hard at first (in the Haven)... being the wife of David whom everyone loves but I came to adjust and become my own person. I realized that those same people could love me too even though I am not as great as the apple pie I married. I went back to unhappiness for awhile. After many experiences with family and things... I have had a realization. When things are really bad, and you're at the bottom of the pit... there is only one way to go. UP. Not only that, but things WILL get better. They have to. And that is what happened to me. I am so grateful.

I have found some new friends that have basically saved my life. Thanks to them, I am comfortable here in the LC.  I love being here whereas before, I was not really sure. I am grateful for every thing that has happened to me because I am really learning a lot. Life is just great right now. I'm so excited for the new life I am beginning and it is only gonna get better. I am so excited for our little baby boy Nickle,  I am excited for our house, I am excited to just be. I also am very comfortable in the fact that my life is not planned out. I love not knowing where i will or could be in a year. I love that life is fun. I can actually say that today, I love everyone.