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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
Let me tell you something. If you are going to run into my car, leave me a little note with your name and address so I can send you a cookie ok????
OH MY GOSH! I have never been SO mad in my entire life. David noticed last night, and I noticed today that we have a giant scratch on the back left bumper of our new baby car. I seriously am not over it and have not forgiven whoever did that to us. I know that is horrible but it makes me really angry.
Seriously. Who does that? And whoever did it must have known that it is a new car because we have the little paper liscence ( I still can't spell that word) plate thingy in our window which makes it even worse. It's not even a month old. It is so worldy of me to be so upset about this but I do not care. I thought people in Lock Haven were nice... but I guess not.
I hate everyone today. Especially cause I have a headache. 
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