Fatty McFatterson

We moved here to PA and after a LONG LONG time of not having cable or any type of television services, we gave in and got it. Since then, I have noticed how media really affects me and (I am sure a lot of other) women. I suscribe to OK! magazine and every time I read that, or any other girly magazine, I am bombarded my skinny models and superstars. It has really gotten to me. I watch TV and what do I see? The Paris Hiltons and Lindsay Lohans that call out to me screaming "Ha Ha ha ha you are not as skinny or rich as me".  I do not blame them nor do I hate them ( I love them) it only makes it hard for me to be ok with who I am. I realize though, it is my own negativity and self doubt that makes me feel this way. I do think that these types of things contribute though. So what should I do? I guess I should get rid of my magazines and TV and sit in my house all day. Or maybe I should get off my lazy ace and workout more than three times a week or maybe I should stop eating candy and bread. I just don't know what the solution should be.

I think back though on a blog that Tessa wrote about how she feels all these different ways about herself. It reminds me that no matter how skinny or big or small you are, you always want to be something different. Is it really our own fault that we feel this way or does the media contribute to the ultimate reasoning behind these emotions?

I bet you that if I did all I could and lost the 40 pounds that I need to, that I would still want to change something about myself. I would want to have the boobs that those girls get on Dr. 90210 or the stomach of the girl on... or ANY girl on tv.

Anyway, that is it for today, the fourth of July. Goodbye. Rhyme. 

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