I moved accross the country. <---Thanks sis!

So this is interesting. I live in PA now. It's great here. The weather is perfect right now, our apartment is amazing. It's so wonderful. The Lord really has blessed us with this move. Everything has been so easy so far and I am thankful.

Seriously. I want everyone to come here and visit me. Its a shame that more people don't live here. It's green, there is a Wal-Mart and tons of cute little shops everywhere. The people are excellent too. Seriously, there are young people everywhere. IT's a college town so there are always young ones everywhere. We've already met some super cool people.

I miss my friends though. Sharai and Brian are probably having so much fun right now. I hope that Brian can handle all of the different Sharais by himself. :-) I miss my sisters too. And my mom. And Tessa. And everyone that I love so much. Oh gosh. It's good though. This change is VERY good. 

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