Monday, September 9, 2013


My kids and I shamelessly watched the brand new video for Katy Perry's new song a couple days ago, about 19 times in a row. No joke. At that time, it had only like 300 views. It's crazy, we'll look back at that day and say that we were a part of history.

You can watch it here. (I think it's worth it. It tells a good story).

So anyway, then I got to thinking about how I would feel about my kids watching the video if I were a parent who was into caring about cleavage. And I think I wouldn't care. But I can't be sure since well, I don't.

I was driving to Activity Days with my 2 nieces and I put on this very song. By about the 3rd time they had it memorized. They requested it the whole way home and we all sung it at the top of our lungs. It was seriously a great time. It's got a good message.

I drove to their house and told their mom about it, warning her I hadn't watched the video so I was not responsible for what it contained. Thankfully at the time, just the lyric video was out which is actually really cool too.

Anyway, I'm really into this website which I'm sure I've mentioned before. It's all about redefining beauty for women. They are unabashed about giving information on what's REALLY going on in the media.

I try and read one of their posts every day. And it's soooooooo crazy to realize how we condition our kids at such a young age, especially girls, to believe that looks are more important than brains and intrinsic worth. I mean, I see it almost daily in my own life... how quick I am to throw a compliment to Sadie about how pretty she looks and how cute her hair is. It somewhat disgusts me. I'm working to change it but it's SO hard. 

That's why I'm happy about Katy Perry's new song. It doesn't say a word about how sad she is because she's divorced, about how she's so hot, etc. It's all about empowerment. And I'm okay with that message, even if it does involve a leopard print top. 

What do you think? Did you watch the video? Will you/did you let your kids watch it?

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