Wednesday, September 26, 2012

You CAN Transfer Music From iTunes to Samsung Galaxy S3 (the easy way!)

That was my own Google search. I got the wrong information. It's a lot easier than you think. Therefore I'm making this post so you too, can transfer your music easily (without downloading unneccesary programs or apps!)

These are the steps I took.

1) Connected my phone to my computer via the mini USB cable.

2) Opened up "Computer" and found the folder where my music is stored (MusicDownload). So I went to Computer > SCH-I535 > Card > MusicDownload.

3) Opened up another window and found my iTunes music. My Computer > Music> iTunes> iTunes Media > Music.  Do NOT try and transfer music via iTunes. It will not work.

4) Drag and Drop! You'll have to adjust your window size so you can see both at the same time.

5) My computer asks me if I'd like to "convert and copy". I say yes. Because it warns me that if I don't, it might not be able to play on my device.

I hope this works for you! Keep in mind this may not work for everyone! I do not claim to be an expert by any means. I have a Galaxy s3 and didn't want to download all these programs that many sites claim you have to have in order to make your songs work. Also, I have a laptop with Windows 7 on it and I think that might have something to do with being able to have the songs automatically converted to the form they need to be in. Wow. I sound super technologically knowledgeable huh?

Good luck! Let me know if you know of another way!

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