Ignoring The Chores

Most days I am totally okay with the fact that I am doomed to a life of cleaning up after 4 kids. And don't tell me I should consider it a blessing that I GET to do these things. That's crap.

So I'm doing everything BUT cleaning up dinner from last night AND the night before. I am NOT picking up the clothes strewn all over my living room. And I am definately not doing laundry.

I'm terrified someone is going to show up at my front door. Please don't come over. At least not today.

Remember how I was doing SO good before David got home? Well then he got home.. Do you watch Ellen and know about Sophia Grace and Rosie? You know how Sophia Grace always says "It's SO good." I was saying it like that.

And not that that's a bad thing. I'm just adjusting to having to think about someone else all the time. I tried to explain this to him. I don't think he gets it. I'm used to doing whatever the crap I want to. But now, I have to think about him and his schedule. He claims it isn't so. But it is so.

I can't identify why else I'm having such a hard time in life. Its crazy how since he got home, my house is so much more of a disaster than it used to be. He had the kids for like 2 hours before i got home from Phoenix yesterday and my house looked like crap when I got home. How does that happen?

Ugh. I'm feeling frustrated. Can you tell much?

I want to feel happy and excited and lovely and butterflyey. But I'm not.

I have a solution. I'm going to throw every single thing in a trash bag and let people fend for themselves. I'm tired of it.

I can't wait for another Love and Logic class. I need better solutions.


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  1. I want you to know I am here, and I'm listening, and I understand. Hang in there. Loves.