Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've been inspired. Not in a holy way.

I'm NOT talking about Thanksgiving. I'm sick of that crap. Just kidding. But really? Aren't you sort of tired of hearing about turkey and thankfulness? Not that I am not all about that, but I'll save it for another time.  For now, thanks to my new friend, I've decided to discuss a different topic common amongst us.

Sunday mornings.

Oh yes. it was one of those. One where I was so angry, and pretty much for no good reason. I haven't been enjoying church lately. Neither has David. Don't tell him I told you. Well, one Sunday afternoon he was helping some family paint their house. They were on a time crunch and it needed to be done. On the Sabbath. So they were there. Painting. And listening to general conference. David heard someone (a general authority) say that attending church is not always about what you get out of it, but what you can give and what you can offer.

It totally changed his perspective. And mine. At least for now.

But it didn't stop me from being angry on this Sabbath morn. Let's talk about Sadie.

She wouldn't wear anything but what she wanted to wear. Up until this point, she hadn't been super picky about clothing. So why did she have to pick a Sunday to start this up?

This is what she HAD to wear. Not her cute polka dot dress, or even the brand new (with tags) one that Grandma just gave her for her birthday. It was this:

You can't really tell, but that's a Dora the Explorer pajama top. And the velvet overcoat thing from her cute new above-mentioned dress. At least it sort of matched. And we got tights and shoes on her. Whoop! Oh, thank you grandma for this sweet little petticoat/tutu that she wore to bed and all the next day. Yes, thanks for that. :-)

Also, if you wanna talk about her holding the toilet bowl cleaner, go ahead. Because I have no answers/reasons/justifications for that. All I know is that she loves the toilet. They have a special bond. I could have chosen another pictures i have of her WITHOUT the scrubber but I was seriously laughing out loud when I re-saw this picture in my phone. I thought you might enjoy it too.

The other part of my bad mood came from the fact that I hate all my church clothes. I should've worn my own tutu.

That, and I hate my church bag. It's so.... gigantic. Why can't I get out the door with a purse and some snacks? Why do I have to have trains, and books, and scriptures, and candy, and papers, and lesson manuals, and other "essential" items? And HOW does it end up ALL OVER the building?

So I need my own bag for all this crap. Cause it's a lot. I also need my purse for chapstick and gum. And of course I can't put that in the church bag because then I'll forget to move it back to my purse and end up really really angry when I'm at work and don't have my lip gloss. I know right? DRAMA!

At least I have a new pink (mostly free) Victoria's Secret bag that I scored from waiting in line at midnight on Black Friday amidst an angry and somewhat volatile crowd. It's really great. And Bedazzled. Do you think that would fly at Mormon church? Cause I'm seriously considering it.

***Disclaimer: above mentioned image contains models, not people. Just kidding. Mostly***

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