There was poop everywhere!

Potty Training.

Do I need to say more? Listen, I really have to. So Jackson, he's been doing great with the whole peeing thing. Even in the middle of the night he will wake up and  tell us he has to go. Except for last night. But that's aside the point. Yesterday is the real story.

I came out from my bedroom. And I smelled something. I immediately looked to my right. And there was Jackson standing with his legs apart, a small puddle at his feet. And the smell. I can't forget that smell.

And basically from that point on, there was endless poop. Poop everywhere. I told him to lay down. I took the pants and the panties and the shoes and socks off. And anytime they moved, the poop moved. all over.

It was on my shirt
On my fingers
It was on the bottom of my foot
It was tracked throughout the house.

Don't forget the smell.

I seriously wanted to die. I think I said a few choice words that were later repeated. By Jackson. Don't worry, I won't do that again. Because the time will come when he will say those in front of Dad, or the bishop (who is his Grandpa) and I am pretty sure they will all look at me. And I don't want that on my shoulders.

Eventually the poop got cleaned up. It took probably 3 rolls of toilet paper, 2 washrags, and lots of dry heaves.

This was written awhile ago and still no successful poops in the potty. He knows now to get toilet paper and pick it up himself. It's sort of hilarious. Why doesn't he get it? I need your tips. All the tips in the world for potty training this boy. I was thinking that maybe it was because he is, in fact a boy and they stand up to pee. not sit down. Could that be it? Or is my child the exception to every rule?

While you're at it, could you share your tips for potty training a girl? My girl specifically? She is VERY smart. but she is also very tiny and I don't want her to fall into the abyss of the toilet.

Potty training posts have always made me laugh. And now I have my own. Good times.

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  1. Do you have a potty chair that goes on top of the toilet? We used that with Nate, because he wasn't really interested in the little potty chair. Anyway, most potty chairs have the top that you can take off and just set on top of the adult toilet seat and it makes it work better for little heinies. So Sadie won't fall in. Maybe it could help Jackson to if he has a fear thing about pooping in the toilet?