Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween is weird but you are more weird.

Awkward moment of the day occurred in the Safeway checkout line. The lady in front of me (who was 80 years old with pigtails tied with scrunchies), bought 2 candy bars. Well they are on sale. Buy 2, get 1 free. So cashier lady told pigtail lady to get another one. So I am up next. I too bought candy bars AND got my free one. Cashier lady starts telling me how she has so much candy even though she has not purchased any in years! It's been in her freezer. I offered what I thought was a smart suggestion. "Hand it out to the kids at Halloween". Smart right?


She proceeds to tell me how Halloween is the devils holiday and how "people don't really know what they are celebrating. They are celebrating the dead. and Satan." Oh my. It was intense. Jehovah's Witness much? Yeah. Pretty sure. It was sort of a long and embarrassing schpeel about the whole thing.

Now I'm not a big fan of Halloween. In fact, I hate it. But not for those reasons. The whole conversation was really unnecessary.

I wish we could have talked about my reasons for hating it. You spend lots of money on stupid costumes that you wear for ONE DAY! Don't tell me about how you are so crafty and make your own and it's free. Cause even then, it's not free. You spend the time sewing and stressing all for someone who doesn't really care. Also, there is the candy. I love candy. But I hate spending LOTS of money on candy that I don't even get to eat. Yes, I started hating Halloween after I became an adult. Wait, that's not even true. I think I really began hating it around the time puberty/awkward stage of life started. When it mattered whether you went as a nurse or a witch, or Marsha Brady (all the popular kids went as the Spice Girls). I always wanted to be something that involved an expensive costume (a princess, or angel, or something). But we couldn't afford it. And I think that's when it happened. The hating of Halloween.

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