Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 5

I almost can't stomach the eggs right now. Yeah. The last meal of the day for me is actually good (on a normal day) but my tummy is upset right now. So my egg whites (and one regular egg) burrito is just not doing it for me. I get to have salsa, fat free cheese and a tsp. of sour cream on it too. And green onions if I want. I know. I'm lucky. But for now, I'm just doing the eggs.

It's been quite a journey so far. I wish I could say I don't want to eat everything in sight, but I do. That's a lie. It's usually when I'm out and about and see Subway, and Taco Bell and Cold Stone and Filibertos and really anything that is fattening, that I want to give in to the devil on my shoulder who tells me I NEEEEED it. Food really did control my life. Its so amazing to be in control again (sort of). I'm still working on it. I walked though the candy isle the other day and it took everything in me to not rip open a bag of gummy bears and eat the entire thing. Do you think people would have stared?

These egg whites are getting better by the bite.

I love how I feel at the end of the day. I love how I feel DURING the day. It's so great. I haven't cheated yet. Well okay, I did have a bite of coleslaw from KFC. Oh, and I did end up eating like 3 gummy bears. Shhh. Don't tell.

There is nothing else exciting to say. I'm going to eat pudding and watch a movie. David and Jackson are not here. Not even sure what I'm gonna do with my life. They won't be back till Saturday. I know right? I miss my boys already but I'm also secretly loving my life. The only part I'm loving is my consistently clean house. lol. They've only been gone a few hours but it's still pretty clean! whoop whoop.

Okay I feel like I might vomit all over my keyboard. Does that sound appetizing? I need everyone to offer suggestions on what I should have for my cheat meal. What will I eat for cheat? lol I'm so funny.

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