Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Baby Einstein

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you feel overjoyed due to feelings of gratitude, love and happiness? I had that for a brief moment in the middle of the night. I was sleeping in the same room with both of my boys, and TWO baby girls (not twins don't worry). The one in my belly, and the one in the swing on the floor. We'll call her Baby A. I got this overwhelming feeling of joy because I have such good people in my life. Good friends and family make all the difference and I was just so happy at that moment to be where I was.

Baby A is this little miracle. She is so gorgeous and wonderful and beautiful. She belongs to a mommy who doesn't really have the capacity to care for her at this time. Therefore David's sister has taken her in. His sister however, works a lot and needs sleep so Grandma (David's mom) offered to take her on the nights his sister has to be to work early. The catch is that Grandma Jo watches her other kids on those same early days. I told J that I would take her that evening so she could sleep too. I figured Baby A would wake up when I had to pee anyways. :-)

That little girl is truly an angel. She not only didn't wake up ONCE, she didn't cry at all. Me, with my anxiety, woke her up after she had been sleeping for 4 hours cause I was worried. I changed her, fed her and held her with not a sound escaping her tiny mouth. I actually didn't sleep much last night. It was good practice and a good reminder of what it will be like for me in about 3 months. I have to calm down. I kept waking up to make sure she was fine. And she was. All night long. David's sister thinks she may have some colic, but I didn't see any of those symptoms come up. I practiced the 5 S's that my sister told me about. I think it comes from the book, The Happiest Baby on the Block. Shhhh, sway, swaddle, suck, side. It works. She only needed the swaddling really. Miracle.

On a more ... notable note (or some other word I can't think of), Jackson has officially turned into a toddler overnight. If fact, I think he might already be in his terrible two's. I am not even kidding you. He woke up one day super grumpy and started to cry/yell with this unbelievable sound. It is totally fake and really annoying. He squints his eyes and opens his mouth too to make this face that is I think supposed to resemble a crying face. As I write he is trying to bang the keyboard. It's time to start time out. Any suggestions? I've heard from "them" that you are supposed to do one minute for each year old. Okay, now I'm getting mad. He's out there whining because dad won't let him bite. He started climbing too. He gets into baskets, toy boxes, cars, on couches, etc.. It's actually really cool, but crazy too. Not that this is at all exciting to anyone but he stands on his own and walks sometimes too. Not really knowing it though. Chelsi said he walked ten steps with her. David said the same. When's it gonna be my time?

What makes me really happy is that he has picked up something that is totally my trait. He LOVES to rub material between his thumb and forefinger. It's sooo cute. I used to do the same thing when I was little. He does it when he is relaxing or about to fall asleep. It makes me so happy. His favorite is Aunt Hannah's silk blanket (that he won't sleep without), the vinylish lettering on T-shirts, or anything soft. I love it. He IS my boy. It's true. He is even starting to like me a little more. Aww... I'm happy today. That's the best news for anyone!

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