Monday, May 5, 2008

Are you sure? Are you positive?

For some reason this weekend has been one of reflection. I woke up early today and I had some time to myself. It was quiet. It was warm. It was fabulous. I spent a little bit of time talking to God in all sincerity, for the first time in awhile. Church was good. John bore his testimony and I felt the spirit. Again, the first time in awhile. I read something in a book, for the first time in awhile.

All these things combined have led me to a few conclusions. One, that I want to be more than just stagnant when it comes to spirituality. Two, that I really desire to live the way God wants me to. And three, that I really want to study the words of God more often. It was so interesting to me as I thought about John and his testimony. The John I met on the first day of moving here is not the same John he is now. Well he is the same John, but he is so much more. I want that same kind of change.

I also had some time with a friend of mine this weekend. Hanging out with her made me realize how negative I am. She emits positive energy. I want that too. I felt guilty after hanging out with her because she has such a positive outlook. I desire that as well. Thank you!

Patience is not a virtue of mine but I hope in my endeavor to become "better", others who do possess that quality will share theirs with me.

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