How Writers Keep Their Fingers Warm

Or at least, how THIS one does. I suppose the term 'writers' is pretty exclusionary so we'll call it ...How People Who Exist in Colder Climates Keep Their Fingers Warm in the Winter While Typing/Writing. 

  1. They don't. But these are the techniques that sometimes help. They:
  2. Do Sun Salutations or some other form of movement
  3. Borrow their child's heated blanket and take turns putting one hand under the blanket at a time. Con: Typing with one hand 
  4. Do the dishes in warmer water which is a two-for-one. Con:  Extra already-dry hands
  5. Keep a heater on their desk pointed at the computer. Con: Hot electronics, cold feet
  6. Gloves? Con: Gloves hardly work for me 
  7. Shower. Con: Bad for the environment 
  8. Old school blowing into a fisted hand. Con: Super temporary relief 
What did I miss? Also, should I probably be putting periods at the end of those? Someone tell me. This would be my Google slash AI search, "Should I put a period at the end of a list of things when there is more than one sentence/idea per number?" No wonder AI likes me. lol. So initially I did have periods but then second-guessed myself and I'm just gonna leave it although I think it's wrong. Halp friends. 

Photo by Rishabh Dharmani on Unsplash

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