Dear Sadie

Happy 9th birthday my sweet girl!

Oh how I love you! I can't believe how much you've grown over the year, in more ways than one. The thing that surprises me most about you is how brave you've gotten. Just the other night you went out into the dark garage and into the dark night to get something out of the dark car. As soon as you walked out the door, Daddy and I looked at each other like what is happening? A year ago or even a few months ago, that never would have happened. We didn't say a thing about it, but we are so proud of you! 

I'm so proud of how willing to try new things you are even if it makes you uncomfortable. We started a typing class today and I knew it was nerve-wracking for you to have people watching you but you did it and you succeeded so very much in it. You go girl!

I'm thankful for how helpful you are. You are always usually willing to do anything we ask of you. You help our your brother and you help out your sister and you especially help out me and your dad. Thank you for that.

I love that you love cooking and that is all thanks to your dad. For breakfast the other day you made pumpkin muffins, eggs, country potatoes and bacon. Jackson even helped. 

Your favorite foods are crepes, biscuits and gravy, pizza rolls, and sugar daddies. You'll try some things but don't have any fear of saying you don't like it. :-)

Today you dyed your hair blue! I'm so glad you are fearless when it comes to making stylistic choices. I think this will serve you well in the future. It looks adorable and will go well with your red or pink lips you so often wear...almost daily.

I love watching you dance and do gymnastics and roller blade and paint. I love watching you try and succeed and even try and not do so well (which doesn't happen very often but it's okay that it does and will).

Thank you for choosing our family. I feel entirely thankful that God has given me (and your Dad) stewardship of you in this life. I feel thankful that we get to have your old soul in our lives to teach us and guide us in all of the things that parenting offers. I love you Sadie Faye! Always and forever!

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