I'm a Crafty Bish

I could ONLY come up with bad words for the title. In an effort to be authentic while remaining family friendly, I went with the Katy Perry version which is basically somewhere between PG-13 and Rated R. So wordy I am.

I have been inspired by my friend.  Her name is Sheena and not only is she gorgeous and kind, she's so crafty. Please go check out her YouTube channel. She also has a website. The link is to the post that is super inspiring!

Here's where I would probably say something super inspiring but everything I want to say has already been said too many times.

What I really want to say out loud is: I'm pretty creative.

The next thing I want to say is: I want to do creative things for a living when I grow up.

The third thing I want to say is: I don't even know where to begin. Or what to start with. Or where to share it. Etc.

So, here's some of my most recent work. And by my I mean not only mine. I have several talented friends!

This was for a baby shower for our friend Becca. Becca is from Arizona. She loves Arizona. And we love her. She's also having a girl and really liked paper flowers she saw on Pinterest. So we combined the two and went with our own theme.

I stole inspiration from a cup I saw at Maison du Monde which my good friend ended up getting for me later. How sweet right?
Mug inspo. I don't do mood boards. I do mood mugs. Also, the pink is way darker. 


 Check out Let Them Eat Cake on Facebook. Done by talented Tiffany

 Cactus Cookies also done by Let Them Eat Cake

Did anyone get a picture of the entryway? I forgot I think. Anyway, I like parties! I like creating things. Please hire me. Also, I need to work on my party photography. I didn't even get a pic of just the flowers. Lame. But they're really cool. So are you. 

Edited to add:

I just took a pic of the flowers. 

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