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I used to write more about the regular stuff. I recently read through a few of my old posts and now I regret how I've missed so much of the boring details of life. Especially cause these days are so fun!

That's a lie. They're not always fun. But they are exciting! Here is my mid-year Christmas letter.

Jackson is in a phase of life (10 years old)  where he is wanting to be independent and make decisions. I had a conversation with David about this the other day because we were getting ready to go to run errands and I told him to get ready so we could go. And he looked me right in the eye and said, "No, I don't want to." I was taken aback. I didn't know what to say or do so I just told him he has to. Which for me, was a struggle. Normally I don't fret over these things. David came up with good suggestions and we are implementing them. He also talked to Jack on a dad-son outing to the store and he (Jack) came back and hugged me and told me he was sorry. He really is an amazing kid. I feel like I've been really blessed with excellent kids. I'm sure every parent feels that way, but I really do.

Sadie is doing rather well in her battle with anxiety. She had a friend she spent lots of time with and right before her friend left, they were outside (by themselves) riding bikes, and playing and having a blast which she wouldn't do before. Sadly, that friend left but she's still been rather brave considering how bad her anxiety was before. She will go in and out of the house alone. I can be upstairs with her being downstairs. She gets up in the morning on her own. I'm so proud of her. We met with a child psychologist. I don't know if she loved that (because... anxiety). She is so sweet and thoughtful and always willing to help. I hardly have to beg her to do anything. She is still into makeup and art and creativity. I love her.

Genevieve. Oh Genevieve. I feel like a bad parent because I tend to post about her more on Instagram because she's easier to capture on camera and she has a lot of hilarious things to say. I have started writing them down in an app on my phone. Here are just a few:

"Dad you better put your pants on."
"We are grown up kids."
"You're the worst worst mom."
"I don't really like you when you are like this."
"Why do you have sad face?"

She's a bundle of joy and rage. We can always count on her for a good snuggle or death stare. She is definitely exploring the boundaries of her independence. She stays up late and plays. She sleeps in. She will hate a food one day but love it the next and then hate it again the next day depending on her mood. She still loves her baby dolls. She is an excellent caregiver and sibling. The other day she came to tell me something Sadie had done and I got after for Sadie for whatever it was. Then Nevie came up to me crying because she was mad at me for getting after Sadie. haha. Oh the emotions.

I love my kiddos!

I also love my man. He's the best. He just turned 34. And for his birthday he gave me a splash in the face with water. He claims "he didn't meant to". But we can all doubt that as truth. Therefore I gave him a few splashes back. It turned into a full-blown water fight. The kids were outside playing in the water themselves and when they came back in (and I wish I could have captured this on film) they didn't know what had happened to their parents. Had we gone crazy? It ended well because the floor needed mopping.

I'm thankful every day for our life here in Italy. We really are so lucky. You're running out of time to visit. Spots are filling quickly. Book now!

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