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Military Discount for Disneyland Paris

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

There IS a discount for military families who go to Disneyland Paris in 2017. Here's how to get it. 

1) Show up to Disneyland Paris or Walt Disney Studios Park
2) Present your military ID
3) Don't bring more than 5 people per ID
4) Purchase tickets (see below) 
5) Have a blast! 

Keep in mind there are discounts offered for 2 and 3 day passes for both parks. There are no 4 day or single park passes offered at a discounted rate. 

2017 is the year to go! Disneyland Paris is celebrating 25 years which means so much magic! Check their website and their app for what's happening. It starts March 26th, 2017 with no end date announced. 

Extra tips and tricks: 

1) Walt Disney Studios Park is worth it! Make time for it! 
2) Bring your own food and drink. Save your money for other stuff. We got by our first day at Disneyland spending 0 $/€. We brought PB&J's, turkey sandwiches, granola bars, Capri Sonnes, and water. There were 4 adults and 4 eating children. 
3) Shop for souvenirs outside of the park in Disney Village. They are open late and offer the same items. Plus, Starbucks. lol. 
4) Use the app! Make sure one person in your party has data service while you're there. It offers up-to-date wait times, schedules of events, and maps! Seriously, I was surprised at how well put-together it was.
5) Catch a show or parade if you're with kids. It's totally worth it! 

What else am I missing? Let me know! 

The Commissary is my Kingdom

Monday, January 23, 2017
The first time I went to a commissary I was with my friend Jaime. This was my induction into military life, David and I had not yet joined. We were mere peasants.

I knew nothing about military bases/posts. Nothing. I knew my friend lived on an Army post and I went to visit her. So I wasn't surprised by the house she lived in because I knew it's what I was coming to. However, when she took me inside the magical mostly-unmarked building I didn't know what awaited. It was a cross between a Costco and an old school Basha's. Who knew that Commissary was code for Black Ops Grocery Store? I didn't. Then Jaime really shocked me when she took me to a Burger King. On post! Say what? No taxes? What? I couldn't believe my eyes. There was a gas station, and a movie theatre, and a gym! These military posts really were something! Mind. Blown.

But really. If you know nothing about military life, then military posts/bases can be a mystery. Well now it's solved.

Fast forward to now. I am aware of some of the cultural norms surrounding military life. For instance, I know that baggers at the magical grocery store only work for tips. I've never been big on assistance with my groceries. It's always made me feel super awkward. But now I own it.

I've moved on from feeling bad about making someone do the work I'm clearly capable of doing to allowing them to treat me like the queen I am. To help in the process I created a crown made from Operational Camouflage Pattern with David's rank so no one has to wonder. After I've checked out, I ask them to walk behind me. I need space for my robe. And then when they have loaded my groceries into the car (I never help), I make them bow as I hand them their wages for the day. Some of them have even started calling me "Her Majesty". It's worked out really well for me. I don't feel awkward anymore. The Queen roams free.