That One Time We Went to England With All The Famous People

Who knew when we picked and booked our date that it would coincide with so many other big things? It just happened to be probably the biggest weekend ever in London. Just kidding, I'm not qualified to speak on the celebration sizes of this giant city but what I know is, it was all very exciting.

We began the weekend with the Queen's birthday which was celebrated on the 21st of April. According to one source, there are big things that day, but the majority of the festivities happen throughout the month and into the year.

The next big event was the arrival of Obama at the palace for lunch and then to Kensington for dinner. Even little George got in on the fun!


The same day was St. Geroge's day which meant parties and special menu's and flags flying everywhere. So much fun!

Image result for st georges flag

The last day we were there was The London Marathon. We didn't catch any of the race but we did see some runners on our train to the airport.

Even with all of that stuff, the most fun for me was The Other People. We met and talked to a list of people whose name we actually kept on a list in my phone. I wanted to share some of them here because most often, it's the people I remember and not the places (although those are spectacular as well). I'll try and be somewhat not so slow.

First we met Barbara and Michael who are flight attendants for Ryanair. They are friends and also fans of selfies. We caught Barbara taking a selfie pre-flight and then we asked her and Michael to take one at the end of our flight which ended up kind-of holding up the next group of people waiting to board. Oops.

Secondly we met Richard who was a salesperson for the Stansted Express. He made cracks. I think that's how they say it. lol. He had jokes is what I'm trying to say. He was so nice and we wanted him to travel with us because he knew his way around so well.

We don't remember the name of the serious but funny lady at the border who was hilarious yet stern-faced who joked with us about our potential next president (Trump). I saw her again at security when we left the airport.

Our first Uber driver was Dahir. He was a nice guy. He wanted to marry Chelsi. He also has 40 siblings. He is Muslim and his father is allowed to have 4 wives but he's been divorced so he's had 7 wives. He knows all of his siblings.

At one of the delicious restaurants we ate at we met Mark. He doesn't eat dessert at the restaurant but he goes home at night to eat a cake he buys from the co-op down the street from his house. He eats it by himself. lol.

While waiting for a bus connection on the open-top tour we met Simon and David who work for competing companies. They like each other though. David is the one who shared his video of Obama with us. David is from Canada.

I can't forget our Starbucks barista's Jess and Boile (with a thing over the e). They were so rad. I wish we could have hung out with them outside of work. They were our kind of people and they made delicious drinks!

Another bus driver we met was John. He made sure to get us to the train station on time. He lost his 4 year old son 6 years ago to pneumonia (he suffered from Cerebral Palsy and epilepsy). I teared up over this! My Nevie is 4 years old. I can't imagine.

After  this point, we were rushing so there wasn't a lot of time to talk to others. It was a pretty magical trip. We had so much fun. I can't wait to tell you about our hotels. 

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