Our End of Year Letter

Here's how my Christmas letter would go if I actually sent one.

Greetings Loved Ones,

This year has been full of adventure! We have had so much fun!

Homeschooling is going so wonderfully for us this year. We do regular schoolwork every day, on time, and it's usually pretty perfect. The kids NEVER complain about it, nor do I ever lose my patience and have movie days.

We've done a lot of traveling this year. I don't want to list all the places we've been to because that would take up so much space! However, when we do travel, everything goes really smoothly. We never fight, everyone is always in agreement on what we should do, and we never get lost.

Jackson is the smartest kid ever but he still gets mad if he doesn't get to play the computer that much. He has a hard time wearing clean socks, but he brushes his teeth SUPER well. In fact, he only had 1 cavity this year which he had filled WITHOUT being numbed. Rockstar.

Sadie is into drawing... on everything. It's endearing but also frustrating when I still find hearts on random places in my house. The other day she decided to copy an entire Dr. Suess book (they're long) with our printer. We now have no more black ink (which is on our wish list. Ink in general. HP 564 please). She is also incredibly smart but hates saying prayers outloud. She has had no cavities this year.

Genevieve is our threenager. There's too much to say about this one. She is not super great at going to bed, but sleeps in once she gets there. She is incredibly hilarious without even meaning to be. She says she has banana colored hair and her Rockstar name is Oney. She had one cavity this year which she too, did without numbing.

David still jumps out of airplanes on purpose. He wears the same thing to work every day and occasionally sleeps in that outfit too. I see him every once in awhile and when I do, we hug. David had one cavity this year.

Chelsi is still with us and we have a fight every other month or so which is actually pretty amazing considering that we are sisters. I mean, could you live with your sister for longer than like a week and not want to.... hug her supppper tightly? She brushes regularly although her current dental status is unknown. We love having her here.

I am trying to redevelop my keen sense of creativity in the form of blogging more often, being crafty, and other things. I recently have obtained the status of karate mom and dance mom and I relish it except when I can't find white belts and/or Nevie doesn't want her hair in a ballerina bun.  I have had no cavities this year but a ton of other dental problems.

We are so thankful for you in our lives. We love you a lot but not enough to actually send you a card and/or a picture. You have to beg for that (yours is coming Marlene :-)).

Can't wait to see what this next year will bring!


The Nickle Family, but really just Lisa because mom's always write the Christmas letters

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  1. Love your end of the year letter! How in the world do you get the kiddos to not complain about school. please tell me your secret. Love you all, hugs to all!!!!!