Our Shared Love for Harry Potter

If you are nearish the age of 30, you were probably old enough to understand the Harry Potter Phenomenon. You were also probably old enough to take part in it too.

Harry Potter is central to my memories of high school, college and afterwards too.

I don't remember picking up the first book but I remember putting down that last and crying so hard about it too. Do you remember reading the last page of the 7th book? If so, we are best friends. Like, really. Automatically we become besties. It's a given.

I remember playing the Harry Potter card game at lunches and sometimes even during class (sorry Mrs. Sherwood). I remember tournaments with Tracy and Matt. I remember in-depth discussions about how to say Hermione and Voldemort. I remember making t-shirts for movie premieres and late night talks afterwards. I remember the tears over characters and their choices and in some cases, their deaths.

Harry Potter is the single most consistent piece of media that went with me through those difficult high school years, into college and afterwards into marriage. There's nothing else like that for us! Kids these days (lol) don't get to grow along side of their favorite characters like we did. We literally grew up with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) and Rupert Grint (Ron). (Did you see this is coming soon?)

Anyway, I have some friends who have The Love like I do. But they aren't near me. And I am sad. I haven't met anyone in Germany who loves Harry Potter as much as I do. I'm thinking about starting an official Harry Potter Book Club for People Living in Germany. Is that too long of a title? There's already this group but I'd like to have a chapter here. Wanna join?

Do you love Harry Potter? Are we best friends?  If not, can we soon become so?

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  1. On a scale of 1-10, how much do I love Harry Potter? 9 3/4 :)