Sunday, July 19, 2015

It has become a blur! We woke up after Cologne and drove to our boat dock.

We changed, and ventured out into the great unknown of Amsterdam. Because we arrived in the evening we weren't able to rent bikes, which I think worked out better for us. They are crazy over there! Like insane. Worse than Phoenix drivers. 

It is a beautiful city! 

We ate at a cafe near some main square and enjoyed a flash mob from a bride and her bridesmaids. We asked the locals where the best place to be local was and they listed a few places. 

My first Belgium waffle in Amsterdam. It. Was. Unbelievable. 

 This was my favorite experience! The church! I think this was Sunday. And the rest of the crew was at Forever 21 buying jackets and things because it was chilly! I wandered into the streets of this shopping district and found this most narrow of churches. To enter, I had to walk through a wooden revolving door. Once inside, the bustle from outside was gone and it was silent. I took a seat and was offered a program, I'm assuming for a service that was about to start. I was able to sit quietly for about 15 minutes until I got the text that it was time to go. It was amazing. I didn't want to be rude and take more pictures but I wish I would have. It was gorgeous. And i LOVED that it was the perfect metaphor for church in life. Amidst the loudness and commercialism of life, there's always a place we can escape to if we want to.

Next up, BELGIUM! 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 4th of July ties closely with Halloween for my least favorite holiday. Here's why:

1) It falls in the middle of most peoples summers.  Schoolwise and temperature wise. I'm not sure what is happening in Germany but it happens to be the Hottest Days Ever and I might just be super hot angry.

2) I don't disagree with the sentiment behind the 4th. I live on this side of the world though and I like Great Britain and I haven't even been there. Lol. Maybe it was a bad idea to separate from them. After all, look what we have done to the accent.

3)  We also celebrate our continuous freedom and those who fought to make us free. In our lifetimes we have experienced so many huge events I feel have brought us together as a country and I'd love to see more hoopla around those, if anything. I'm also part of the military life and it seems less important to celebrate the big huge milestones and instead the seemingly insignificant ones our military members work for on a daily, sometimes hourly basis.

4) I love America and America will always be home. America is the land of the great. It will always be number one to me. Even here, natives of Germany and other countries talk about how they want to go there. I do too. I am so lucky to have been born into the United States. 

Im enjoying my time here though. I really enjoyed this 4th. It was spent with friends/family. I consider the people on my street to not only be my best friends but my family. I really have been so lucky. So while we were all away from friends and family and fireworks, we had each other and my Feats Audio pill. And leftover guacamole. And Angies dance moves.