Neuschwanstein is Noble

Taking it back a few months to when we hit up my homie Ludwig's castle. 

Neuschwanstein is most famous for its likeness to Disney's castle. That's because Walt Disney used it as one of his inspirations to for his Sleeping Beauty Castle. 

Enough of that, let's get to the pictures! 

We took a bus to the top. Well most of us did. David took Jackson and Sadie and made the arduous hike to the top. My mom and Dare, Chelsi, Nevie and I took the bus. It was a small fee and WAY worth the ride even if we were smashed like sardines on a rocky ride to the top. While we waited in line, there were some girls who spoke Chinese who could not get over Nevie's hair. They kept touching it and smiling and laughing. 

The bus dropped us off at the fork in the road. One led to the castle, the other led to Marion Bridge which is famous for this view: 

It's pretty gorgeous right? All of the pictures did NOT turn out like this though. Because that's not real life. Ha. Here are some of the other really good ones. 

It was in the courtyard of the castle that we met up with the Chinese girls from the bus line and asked made David go talk to them. Yeah, don't forget he speaks Mandarin. I think they were pretty thrilled the very blonde girl's very blonde Dad spoke Chinese.

See my fam down there? 

After we did Marion Bridge and then walked to the castle itself, we decided to be fun and ride the carriage down. I'm not all about animal cruelty, and I kind of feel like that's what those carriage rides are. I can't imagine the horses and how bad it must be on their hooves. Hoofs? I Googled it and it says both are correct. :-)  The good news is, I think they switch out the horses a bunch. Because it happened while we were on our ride.

A Princess and her Castle! 

I also would like to note that we were kind of famished after all of this so we went to the grocery store hoping for some bratwurst or something. But David and Dare came out with bananas and cheese? Oh yeah, and some salami. ha. Men. No but really, men. Just kidding. I love them. 

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