My 6 Year Old

Dear Sadie, 

I don't think I've been steady at writing these letters like I used to. But I'd really like to be better at it. It's hard though, to surmise a year in the life of an active girl. 

You remind me so much of myself, except at my age. You're soul is so much older than the years you have on earth. You're so perceptive and intuitive and brilliant. 

When we do school, I can't seem to keep up with you. You will do 5 pages in the time that Jackson does 1. lol. It seems like you're most interested in art, but if I had to pick a subject besides that, I'd say you're really into (and really good at) math. 

Your pictures though! They are incredible! I wish we had enough space to keep them all. Just the other day I had you color a book we were reading that didn't have any color. You went through and colored each page and kept the same outfits on the characters throughout the book. So even when I wasn't sure who was who, you knew! You knew who Bob was and who Pat was and their outfits were definitely the same! So smart! What 6 year old does that? 

You are starting to understand story lines a lot more now. You can pick up on movies and TV shows we are watching and that's been fun. We watched Elf and The Grinch and now you're watching The Parent Trap and I think you're actually interested! Yay! You've never been one for shows, unless it's Bratz or Frozen or Monster High. 

We still can't get you to say prayers out loud, or really tell us how you are feeling. You are such a mystery that way. That's the part about you that reminds me of myself. I'm not very good at those things either. But I'd like so much for it to be different for you. Your future husband and friends will be grateful if we can just get you to talk! Express! I'm thinking your art will be a great way for you to do that. You always say "I'm an artist" and I'm so glad about that. Because you are! 

You're so helpful and kind to your brother and sister. You're always willing to help and you don't complain. I'm so thankful for that. You and Jackson both always want to help in the kitchen and that's so fun. Just last night Daddy taught you how to do the dishes in an effective way. You and Jackson did all of the dinner dishes and there were no fights. Some of my most favorite memories are of doing the dishes with my brother and sisters. I'm hoping we can keep you interested. I'm pretty sure you said "That was fun" after it was over! 

You're still terrible at making decisions, just like I am. I wonder where you get that from. I'm asking you to pick out 2 things from the toy catalog that you want for Christmas and you've actually done it (an Elsa dress-up dress and a set of Anna and Elsa dolls). Good job! 

I love that you pick out your outfits and they always match and are a little bit quirky. It's so awesome. You know what hairstyles you like, and you love makeup. I'm pretty sure you're a girly girl although you'll play Minecraft and Plants versus Zombies and Roblox, just like any boy would. If not better. 

I wish I had better words to describe how lucky I am to have you as a daughter. You really are so special. You're so much different from Jackson and Nevie and it makes for such a good mix. You're our little mystery girl and we love that. I think Heavenly Father sent me you to keep me grounded. You're aware of things that I'm not. Thank you for showing me what unconditional love is. I only hope to show you it better. 

I love you Sadie Faye

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