Before I Post All My Awesome Travel Blogs I Want You To Know

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she said to me “I’m jealous of your fabulous globe trotter lifestyle.” And then I proceeded to remind her of this meme, only to her I said it all wrong. Anyway:

So before I proceed with any of my upcoming Awesome Travel Blogs, I just want to remind you about my real life. The one I don’t always post about on Facebook.

I also have decided I want to post more about this crap because I have a terribly awful memory. Like the worst ever. It’s bordering on unforgivable. Thankfully you love me and thankfully David loves me because I provide a great reason not to. But I want to remember all the little stuff. It’s important to me.

Today for example, we went to David’s work for a potluck. It was seemingly insignificant, but totally worth mentioning. I got to see a bunch of people David works with on a regular basis. They are the people that spend more time with him than I do. I’m serious. David actually texted me about that today. How this lifestyle isn’t really working for us. I see him, awake, for about 2 hours a day AT MOST! I know that’s regular life for many of us but that’s not counting the time he has been away, or will go away for training, and staff duty and deployments.  We’re in this critical time in life where our kids are small and they are growing and developing and I don’t want him to miss these moments.

So anyway, Chelsi joined us at the potluck and so did the kids. We totally put on cute outfits and did our hair and got ready in all the ways we don’t always do on a normal day. I got pictures but Chelsis are better. I wonder if I can get her to send those to me.

I made this pasta salad. It was not delicious but David liked it. I made it because I wanted to use my really expensive Pampered Chef trifle bowl and this popped up on Pinterest when I searched for “cold potluck dishes”.  Awesome.  Also, I added an entire packet of the Hidden Valley Ranch mixture. It made it yummier. And we made lil’ smokies. Chelsi loves that word cause she’s a lil’ sport.

So today David is home. And tomorrow he will leave again even though it’s Saturday and Monday is Veterans Day and everyone else will be off. Someone at his job said that it’s either really patriotic or really lame that they’ll be working on this supposed 4 day weekend. I don’t think people understand the craziness that is 1-91 Cav. They are right in the midst of things that happen on a daily basis. His commander told us today that he’s not ordering that they take time off at Christmas but he’s really suggesting it because it doesn’t slow down after the start of the year. Woo.

Here I sit.

We are budgeting! Did you fall out of your chair? I know right? We are taking Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class and we are so excited about it? I know. Did you faint? We’ve been married almost 10 years and have always attempted budgets sometimes. Lol. This time I’m thinking it might stick! It’s a lot of work! I admire all of you who have budgeted. What type of budgeting do you do? Do you have your own program? Use someone else’s? Please tell.

I’m struggling with groceries and food. The crazy thing is we don’t eat out so much anymore. Hardly ever really. We are still spending a crap ton on groceries though. I can’t figure out how to change it up. (Well I know now cause I've talked to my sis-in-law a bit since writing this). I know I could coupon but even then, coupons are often for foods we don’t eat a lot of. How much do you budget for your family if you don’t mind me asking? We are a family of 6 (3 adults and 3 kids) and have budgeted almost 18% of our income to food.  Is that normal? I know when I shop at the store near our house, that I’m paying a little more but I don’t shop there often enough to make the difference. Bleh. I’m a little defeated in that category. Also, I told David I was willing to sacrifice health in the name of spending but he said no to that. But that MAY be the direction we go.

Sorry that was crazy boring.

In other news, Nevie is talking way more. I’m sad because she stopped saying “hmmm” to answer yes and instead says, “yeah”. She gives the very best hugs. I’m talking wraps her whole little body around you and squeezes. She often says she is “Chelsi’s baby” or “Jacksons baby”. It’s very sweet.

Sadie is counting down the days till her birthday (8) and she is so excited. I’m not so excited because I ordered stuff for her from Amazon with a projected date of arrival before her birthday and then once I clicked submit that magically changed to 5 days AFTER her birthday and party. Please pray for me. Lol. She’s still into everything girly and loves makeup and coloring. I think she’s a lot like me in that it’s like pulling teeth to get her to give details about anything. David said it perfectly when he said that unlike Nevie, who’s pretty easy to read, Sadie is a mystery.

Jackson is in love with whatever game David and his brother’s play. He’s also really kind and sweet to his sisters. He told me he wants a brother though… anyway, he’s doing really well in school but doesn’t like how much time it takes. I often threaten to put him in regular school so he knows how lucky he is. Haha.
That officially sounds like a Christmas letter and it probably is since I’ve obviously been doing a really good job at keeping everyone updated. I’m sorry!

Chelsi and David won’t let me put up my Christmas tree though so instead I burn candles and drink beverages that will tide over my desire for all things Christmas. What are your plans? When do you put your tree up? 

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  1. You are so awesome and honest and real and I want to give you a big hug RIGHT NOW :)

    We're putting up our tree next Saturday (not tomorrow, the next one). I can't wait any longer than that. And who knows, maybe I'll get bored one day next week and put it up by myself.

    I'm very tempted to cut a tree down this year - I was randomly driving through Pressath and saw a DIY Christmas tree farm!! Wouldn't that be magical?

    Anyway, hope you're coming over tonight :) :) :)