You should read this.

It's time to be educated. Since taking some wonderful college classes, I have realized there are a lot of "bad words" people say. I would like to take the time to encourage each and every one of you to stop this. This is my way of asking silently but seriously.

I feel statements like "That's gay" and "That's retarded" are inappropriate and demeaning to certain people. Actually, it is only obvious that they are. I remember a time back in college when a bunch of us were hanging out and friend 1 said something in which friend 2 responded, "That's retarded." Friend 1, having a disabled brother, ended up very hurt and upset because of the unconscious statement from the other. Many of you have also heard me say "Gay is not an adjective." It's really not. Most people argue with me and say "Well, yes it is." No it is not. People do not use that word in the way it was used 40 years ago. People say it to implicate something negative. Well, I feel like it's time we become conscious of these things and change our attitudes and behaviors.
Just because you are white, straight and "normal" does not give you permission to think or act like you are better than others. Because it's not like that anymore. I find myself becoming more and more frustrated with people because they think this way. It's not just with statements like the ones I mentioned either. Certain people who belong to certain groups or religions have tendencies to judge those who are not the same as themselves. It's time to stop it all. The world is becoming smaller as we know it and no longer will these things be accepted.    
It may not seem like a big deal. But it is. As educated people, we should be able to recognize that saying things like I mentioned are just not appropriate. Tolerance is a quality to possess. Notice I did not say acceptance or approval, but tolerance. After all, someone is doing it for you.

I wonder how many people while reading this blog will say in their head "That's gay" or "That's retarded" and I wonder how many people will actually take the time to reflect on their choice of words from now on. All I know is if you are around me, or want to talk to me like an adult, I will listen. Otherwise take your bigoted statements and go somewhere else.

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