Fort Huachuca and Sierra Vista Have Nice Places

The first thing we did when I got to Fort Huachuca? We left and went to Target. Just kidding. We went to an obnoxiously loud Buffalo Wild Wings (per Jacksons request) where we promptly ordered fried pickles and boneless wings. Totes healthy. Did I really just write "totes"? Please don't tell anyone. Or if you do, tell them I'm 16. Cause they are the only people allowed to say things like that. Anyway, so Target.
After I jumped back in the car, literally (if you've ever been a guest in our car while we are driving, you know what i'm talking about), I asked David if he remembered me asking him whether or not they had the cool carts. He remembered me asking but forgot to check. Well they do. David said, "I feel like they belong in the world of the Jetsons." They are very futuristic and also ergonomic.
So then we came back to the hotel/home, got cookies from the front desk and went to sleep. Or something.
The next day we drove around a bit. There is actually civilization down in this part of the world. Where we are is about an hour and a half from Tucson, reallllllly close to the border. There's one of those blimps in the sky that looks for illegals. Classy. They have good amenities though, the most important being the aforementioned Target, also there's Hastings and Cold Stone Creamery. There is a supposed mall but I have not yet been there so I cannot confirm the existence of said mall.
We spent most of the day at McDonalds where we participated in family reading day or something (I just found this link!). They gave out propaganda, information in the form a brochure encouraging us to be better parents and to make sure our kids can read and to make sure we check out this government website. The mayor read some books to the kids but I didn't get to see that because Nevie was crying loudly over not being allowed to run people over while dragging the high chair on wheels through the crowd. Apparently the people in charge were very impressed with Jacksons choice of a solar system book. They wanted to give him extra books because of it. Yeah. We win. Anyway, we spent the rest of the day looking at overpriced cars at dealerships. We have to get a different vehicular because apparently the army won't ship cars that are not in great condition. I guess that means our Corolla doesn't qualify and neither does our Chevy. Sad day. We are not going to buy from a dealer because that's expensive. We wanted to see what the options are for European friendly cars. Then I found this German car selling site and I found out there are all versions of cars there. Which makes sense. I was concerned okay? I mean, it seems like the roads there would be smaller. But apparently they have a great road system in Germany.
Did I forget to tell you that we might be going there instead of Italy? What? I know right? It's so confusing. I don't even know yet so I don't want to say anything till we hear back for sure from David's sponsor who hasn't e-mailed him back in like a week. It's rood. Did you know there are such things as sponsors? I didn't. This is all information that I wish someone would tell or would have told me. I want to create a course for military people who are new to the Army world. It's all very crazy. Military Life 101. Or somesing.
Anyway, everything closes REALLY early down here including my brain. Like 9 p.m. early. It's kind of lame. I mean, who doesn't want to get ice cream after 9? Or who doesn't want Starbucks after 9? I mean 2100. Bleh. I'm never gonna get used to military time. I'm also not sure I'm going to get used to men in uniform everywhere. Oh wait, I could get used to that. Just kidding. What do you wish you would have known about military life? OR even in real life?

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  1. Find the military wives club. I'm sure there is one there. Several of them are likely old pros at being overseas and can advise you. Might even have checklists and brochures!