All the Single Ladies

I'm not a huge fan of the single life. Nope, not even a little. Do you hate me yet? It's only day  3 friends. That means there is 92 days until he gets home. Not that I'm counting. Not that I created a countdown clock.

I felt like maybe I was neglecting this blog because I have a blog I set up for David so he can read and know about our life. So I've been writing on that one and I decided to write on this one today. Wow. Those were the 2 most annoying sentences I've ever written I think. I said blog and that and one and write like a million times. Sorry.

The day started wonderfully. We went on a walk. The kids fought over who got to push Genevieve. But it was friendly fighting. I didn't have to intervene too much.

I went to Safeway. It was entirely too stressful. I didn't even have Nickle. I just had Sadie and Nevie. Sadie fell asleep on the way there and seriously couldn't be woken up. Is woken a word? I patted her face and picked her up and only upon mentioning fruit snacks did those little purple coated eyes flutter open.

The whole experience was fine. Sadie ended up in the cart. So I did frivolous shopping. Got all the things I didn't need. Way too many convenient foods and not enough fruit and veggies.

I got to pick Jackson up from school. So I unloaded the bus and we went inside. Genevieve cried. Sadie fell. I got annoyed. Not with my kids but my entire surroundings. I am sort of angry with the "system". I feel like the people at that school are watching my every move just to see if how I will screw up. So I let the baby cry while i dealt with the paperwork and the other crying girl. Good times.

I was sweating by then. And I hadn't even left the air conditioned building. Getting in the car was just as exciting. I opened EVERY door of that car and buckled every single belt.

Home was fine. The kids got to talk to David. I wanted to ask him how his 9 hours of sleep went. Or maybe it was 7 or 6. Who cares. It was uninterrupted I'm sure. Then the baby exploded as she usually does.

I bathed her.

My mom came over. Bless her. She cooked a delicious meal ON HER BIRTHDAY! Holla! She has been helping me establish routine with my kiddos. She holds Nevie and rubs Sadie's forehead and cleans up after me and my tornadoes. I was trying to put Sadie to sleep and she asked that Grandma come in. Grandma's do things better.

I survived the day.  But not without a lot of swear words and negative thoughts. I'm hoping that there will be better days. And I truly am thankful for the morning we had. It was awesome. I didn't have anxiety! Seriously. That to me, was worth every second of whatever crap happened. There's a million things I forgot. Can you imagine if I were to document every hour of this day? It would be insane. I didn't mention how my dad came over and cleaned my yard and took my trash cans out and gathered eggs. I didn't mention how Angela came over too because I got medicine for her doggy at the store. I didn't mention how I almost fell because of a train track I slipped on because there was yogurt on the floor. I didn't mention that Ross is wonderful and helped us out big time too. WOw. I'm blessed. Really I am. Minus almost falling.

Anyway, that's all for now. You just wait though.

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