Why Do They Make Mom Jeans?

I met up with David at the Easter Pageant yesterday. I noticed when he got out of the van that he had on some pretty sweet looking attire. He had his Army shirt and boots on, and some hot lookin jeans courtesy of his dad. His dad is really tall therefore the jeans were rolled up. Rollin' out in his rolled up jeans. Mmmmm..... Oh, did I mention they were tapered? Like big hips that go to not-quite- skinny jeans, but just weird?

Then I got to wondering why they even make that style anymore. EVERYONE knows they are not cute. I mean, we live in the 2012's people. There are MUCH better styles suited to body types nowadays. I guess they must be comfortable? But even then I can't imagine how so. Because the ankles aren't stretchy. So you have to get them all awkward style over your feet. And then finding the right shoes?

Check out David as my model here.
I think I'm gonna start a revolution. Like the mom jeans revolutions. Finding better solutions to style for mom's. Mom's who feel like theat is their only option.

Does your mom wear mom jeans? If not, how did that happen?

Watch that video below. It's only a minute long.

Mom Jeans

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  1. Most of the time my hubby walks around looking like he walked out of a redneck episode of COPS. But my fav fashion decision of his has always been & will always be white socks with slip on sandals. It's sexy.