A Little Baby Thing

I'm still working on the story. It's gonna be long and probably boring. So don't get excited.

In the meantime, I cry over everything. Most the time I can't even type because of the blurred vision.

I'm super aware of post partum depression. I'm not ashamed of it either. I think it hit me a little harder this time around with David leaving in the very near future. Most of the time that's what starts it all. Just the thought of him being gone and across the country.

I can talk about it right now because I had a good day and he is right here. But ask me during the day when he is gone, and you'll get a waterfall. Lol.

Anyway, sorry I've been MIA with the daily posts. I'll get back on track.

Baby girl is awesome by the way. She is 8lbs, 6 oz. Which is in the acceptable weight range, whatever that means. I hate stupid stats and crap. Okay I hafta go. War Horse is calling.

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  1. Don't be depressed-you're awesome. But I know its nit really a choice. But still.
    And I forgive you for missing daily posts. If you wanna use birthing a 8+ lb. baby as an excuse, I understand ;-)