Stoopid Football

I'm not a fan of the sport itself. Really. I know? I'm not even gonna say the word Superbowl after this because I know you're totally tired of hearing about it. I was gonna put this whole post as an update on my Facebook but in less words obviously. And then I realized that I couldn't.

I just wanted to say that I used to not believe in TV on Sunday. I am a victim to my upbringing. We weren't allowed to watch anything. But eventually we got to watch Disney movies. That's all. I carried that into my first month of marriage maybe before I realized that sometimes... TV is a great way to bond.

Today was a good example of that. We went over to a friends house and watched the game. It was the first time getting together with a couple that we've been trying to get together with for awhile. And i feel like watching the game with them and the parents of the couple was a great way to start it all.

So I don't believe people are evil anymore and I don't think I will go to H-E- double hockey sticks for watching Grey's Anatomy after I finish this post. I sort of wonder who believes that still. Because I know they are out there. And I don't judge them for NOT watching TV on Sunday. I was looking at my News Feed to see how many of my fellow church goers published something about the football game today and many of them did! I was somewhat surprised. And happy!

Go TV on Sunday. Lol. But listen. I totally think that Sundays are a day of rest. And guess what? Sundays are the ONLY days that my hubby and I can actually sit down together and watch something for more than 10 minutes. We've always loved watching shows and movies and things. So it's our day and I totally feel much closer to him because of it. And I think that's what God wants. And actually, I don't think God cares. I think He wants us to be happy and to be close to him. But that might be another post for another day. lol.

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