All the Girls Named Shae

I can think of 4 girls that have the letters "Shay" somewhere in their name. And guess what? They are all gorgeous and sometimes skanky.

I wanted to name one of my children Shay or Shae or Shea? Or any other variation until I met my first skank Shae.

She worked with someone I communicate with and was known as the resident slut there. She was even known that back in high school. She had a reputation! She had inappropriate relations with men in the parking lot. Shady Shay.

I also know another current Shay. And she has another part that goes on the end of her name. She's pretty and lovely and nice and also goes to school with someone I live with. I sure hope none of those people read this blog because they'll know exactly who I'm talking about. It's a small school. Anyway, I met her once and she really is a good Shay. Sweet Shay.

The other Shay I know also has some ending on her name. And I love her. You probably know her too. She's a photographer. And is kind and pretty. Super Shay.

Then there's the last Shay. I don't actually really know her all that well. She seems nice enough. A little skanky, a little nice. Sweet and Sour Shay.

There's NO point to this blog. I was just thinking about the 2nd Shay. She is my roommates friend. Oh, did I tell you that David denied my roommate request on Facebook? rood. 

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