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I bet you think I'm blogging because it's a New Years Resolution. But you're wrong. Cause I don't believe in that crap. lol. I'm rood. I've explained this theory to everyone and anyone and someone who will listen. It goes like this.

We have a chance every month, or week, or even day to start over. So what does the difference in a change in the last number of the year make? PLUS it takes 21 days to make something a habit (or break one). So technically, every month would be a great time to start with resolutions. Anyway, there ya go. I read today on my friend Emily's blog something I totally love. Read it here. I want to do those things.

I don't have anything particular in mind that I want to speak of. I was going to share my list of things I believe in. Because I just told you I don't believe in New Years Resolutions and stuff. This will not be my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, because that is a different subject for a different time. This will be a silly list.

Real quick though. I was talking to my friend about her fear of the dentist and such. She is going to a sedation dentist because she hates dental stuff THAT much. So she had an evaluation sort of appointment and needs lots of work done. So she has to go 2 different times. The first time she goes it will be a 7 hour procedure! Whoa right? So the first thing I thought of? What about the bathroom situation? I asked her if they were gonna put a catheter in. Because 7 hours is totally a long time. Especially when... well you know. Maybe you don't? That's what I'll do. I'll totally make my public announcement here.

I am with child! I posted it in my uber secret blog awhile ago. But I didn't do the Facebook stuff and I don't want to. So if you read this blog, can you not do the Facebook thing? Like ask me those annoying questions?

"How far along are you?" 27 weeks
"Is it a boy or a girl?" It's a girl!!!
"How are you feeling?" Terrible.
"When are you due?" April 7th.

Anyway, so the bathroom situation is on my mind a lot considering my situation. Wow. This is getting really out of hand and off subject. But I suppose i'll tie it all together somehow. Okay, I believe in accessibility to bathrooms. Like all the time. Dumb thing to believe in. So here's a good one.

I believe in the power of positive thoughts! Like totally for real. My sister and I have decided that we are gonna be abundant beeyotches. And it totally works when I work it. The other day we had like 1 dollar in our bank account (oh yeah! That's right now) and we needed some gasoline. Well guess what peeps? I was all thinkin positive and picturing money in our account and such and I found this check for the exact amount we needed, that I had forgotten about. That's right homies. It can work for you too! One of my favorite peeps is Wayne Dyer. He says, "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." So tune into it!

And now I realized I wrote all snobby style regarding el bebe. I'm totally excited and thrilled and happy about it. Really I am. In the past I've been sort of scared and nervous and fearful but not this time. Which is why I think i'm keeping it more quiet this time around. I am enjoying it and loving it. Then I realized today that I'm totally not prepared as far as baby stuff goes. So that's stressful. Anyway, I believe in babies. Totally random way to connect stuff. I know it doesn't go. But I do need to. Go that is. If you know what I mean.

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  1. You. Are. Hil-ar-ious. At first I was all excited that you [maybe, just maybe] were reading MY blog. Then I got all giddy and clicked the link, over & over. Then I was sappy happy that the list was awesome to someone other than me. THEN----BOOM! Forgot all about all of on the way?!?!?! YAY!!!! Congratulations! You're the best mom. One more kiddo is soooo lucky!