What I Love Two

You think im crazy because I love laundry huh? Oh wait. I dont. I love fabric softener. I just threw away my 2 other empty bottles. I hoard them like Im starting to with my candles (which by the way I got 2 more of! The smaller ones are 2 for $10 at Bath and Body right now. Go. Get some). :-)

When I was in high school, I had a boyfriend whose clothes always smelled good. It wasnt cologne but I couldnt figure out what it was until his mom told me. Fabric softener! Not sheets (like we used at home). So now I go fancy style and buy liquid. Because it lasts longer than 5 minutes after the clothes are removed from the dryer. And it makes my whole house smell good when I do laundry.

So I totally didn't get the concept of fabric softener until later in life. That you don't need sheets AND liquid. Just one or the other. No one ever told me. I think I had to read the label.

My favorite softener is actually the simple pleasures line but I had a coupon and it was on sale (the regular stuff pictured above) and I got it at Target which means it was actually just the regular price at Wal-Mart. But whatever. I love Target. It's worth it. I wish that Downy was paying me for all of this product placement. Or I wish they would at least send me free stuff. Until then, I'll keep buying anyway.

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