Is Lost Really Over?

We finished Season 6 of Lost. The SERIES Finale. I cried like a baby. In part because it was a REALLY good episode and partly because the end of Lost is the end of an era. David and I started watching this show right after we were married.

I remember the first Season, First episode. We borrowed Bad and Janells house. They must've been out of town cause it was just David, Jacob, Hannah and I. We had our own little marathon right in their living room (Thanks guys!). This was back when we lived in a house on wheels.

How can you not love that show? Some might call it risque. Wait. No. They don't. Cause there's nothing risque about it. It's all about love, jungles, others and the occasional bikini scene. Even those are scarce. I can't even remember there being any. But then again, I have that gift. The one of not being able to remember sex scenes or eff words. Maybe it's that, or quoting my friend,"I don't have a soul." (She wasn't saying that in reference to me, she was saying it in reference to herself. lol)

I asked David who his favorite character is. He couldn't say. He had a top 5. He returned the question and I thought for sure I could answer. It is Hurley. But then again who doesn't love Sayid? Even if he does kill people. Ooooh, murder. Yes that makes it risque I guess. And then there's Kate, and Charlie, and Sayer. I love them all. There's no playing favorites here. Who is your favorite character?

Funny scene from The Show (it deserves caps lock). So they end up going back in time. Hugo and Miles are hanging out. Hurley has a notebook he's writing in that Miles steals from him.

"Lost: Some Like It Hoth (#5.13)" (2009)

Miles Straume: [referring to Hugo's movie script] What the hell is this?
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: I'm writing "Empire Strikes Back."
Miles Straume: Uh, I'm sorry. What?
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: It's 1977, right? So "Star Wars" just came out. And pretty soon, George Lucas is gonna look for a sequel. I've seen "Empire" like 200 times, so I figured I'd made life easier and send him the script... with a couple improvements.
Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes: [to Miles] In "Empire", Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his lightsaber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks. It all could've been avoided if they just, you know, communicated. And let's face it, the Ewoks sucked, dude.

So funny. You have to watch the show to really understand why Hurley is so freakin' funny.

I guess it's back to Heros for us. When we were first married we watched Alias, and then 24 and then Lost. Thank goodness we still have 24.

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