The one where Lisa complains about work

I have a headache. Again, it might be the caffeine, or lack of water. Or maybe the lack of sleep. Maybe all those things?

It's time to let it all out. Listen, I know we all hate our jobs sometimes. But lately, I really don't like mine. For the last while after coming home from work David has asked, "How was work?" My response? "Dumb." What does that mean? It means it was dumb. Just dumb is all. He said today that he can't wait for the day when 'dumb' is NOT my answer. I wonder if it will ever happen. I am sort of expecting it to soon. Hurry up SAT people. We need those results!

I really did like my job. Until I realized I listen to people complain. All. Day. Long. About trash. Really? Is that what people like to do in their spare time? Harass their utility people? I wonder what kind of calls the electric company gets. "My lights were flickering today. I hate you because of that. Give me a refund." Can you imagine?

This are the words from an actual message I got today.

Wife: Hello this is Mrs. Mckday at  uh......
Husband in background: 3560 N. Blah Road.
Wife: 3560 W Blah Rd. and our garbage hasn't been picked up. So I was wondering why it hasn't been picked up.
Husband in background: Every time we gotta call
Wife: So it seems like every time that its supposed to be picked up we hafta to call you to come and pick it up. So if you don't want to pick our garbage up, we are going to get somebody else.

The end. No goodbye, no nothin.

K. First of all, they have been customers since 2001 and this is the 2nd time we have missed them. Second. Second time in 9.5 years! So "Every time we gotta call".. uh really? And I'm sorry we are going through some changes right now. Give me a break. Ugh.

Secondly, have your dumbace husband call if he has such a problem with it. What's with these men who don't have the balls to call? Speaking of men without balls, this other woman calls today to set up service. She can't decide on a payment plan until talking to her husband. She calls him, and then calls me back to get more information that HE wanted. She calls him again, calls me back and then lets me know (after I've set up her account, put her on the list to have her can delivered) that "they" made other arrangements. Don't worry, they made them with our competition. GRRRRRRR!!!!

BUT! There was a compliment today. This one guy called to let me know he was sending a payment (after he received a letter gently reminding him he hadn't paid). I told him we felt bad about even sending the letter because he has been such a good payer in the past. He asked me if I was married. And I said yes. He then said, "Aw that's too bad. I wish my wife was as forgiving as you are." I'm not sure he meant to be a creeper/cheater. I actually thought he was being funny. David, if you are reading this, you don't have to perform that violent act you always mention when you think a guy is hitting on me.

As a side note: Do you think it's an oxymoron to take my vitamins with a diet Coke?

I'm not sure I'm ready to post this. But I am going to. It's sort of lame. But I am tired and I have to do a lot of items. Maybe I'll do 2 posts in one day! Whoop. Later though.


  1. You could swap stories about retarted coustomers with Brent. He used to work on the phones at SRP. I LOVED hearing all the stories he's tell about the stupid people! Oh but people like to say a lot when the power goes out "my_____ {insert family member} is on ______ {insert medical equiptment} and will die if the power is not turned on imedeatly! Kid you not! The funny thing is, SRP does have a list of all such homes, incase of an emergency. So they always knwo when people are lying! HA HA

  2. I'm sorry you hate your job, I would too. I kind of hate that David is at ERU now now because you could totally move up here and do what I do. I know you would love it. And the money's good, plus you're home. Oh well.

    Also, I can't help but wonder if that job wouldn't be as bad if it was somewhere else...Maybe or maybe not.

    Anyway, I love you!

  3. Diet Coke is like the nectar of the gods. I'd say vitamins you take with Diet Coke will contain twice the nutrients now. Good choice.

    Sorry about mean, stupid people.