I hate not posting for awhile

I am clocked out of work and waiting for hubby to pick me up. Sadie started walking last night. She really can do it! She is a smart girl but chooses when to show it. She is what..... 15.5 months old. I know what all of you are thinking. And I don't care that your child walked at 10 months. Actually, I do. But I sort of don't. Sure, I think it's great but every kid is different. That's something I have really come to know in the last little while.

My kidneys hurt. And this always happens around "that time". Can anyone explain to me why? It's really weird.

I am starving. I am also going to do the HCG diet. Except I didn't really want to say that outloud because when I'm all skinny and stuff I want everyone to wonder how I did it. And I want to be able to say that I did it all on my own and that I am wonderwoman. However, that's not likely and not reality. I've been doing research and I will be smart. I told David about it and he thinks its a terrible idea. In fact he said, "I do not support you." lol. It's funny because in EVERYthing else, his usual statement is "I support you". I guess we will see.

Someone at work makes comments about my weight.  I know he has the best intentions, but he doesn't really know how to be .... correct about it. I'm not sure if its his age or what, but I am about ready to punch him in the face. It's really not my business what he thinks about me but it's also not his business to say anything!

Jackson still won't potty train. "Jackson, do you wanna use the potty?" His response "No." Except he says it concisely and to the point. It's really funny and sort of cute.

I can't ever remember it being blizzardly and cold in March in AZ. Am I just forgetting that or what? The weather seriously changes every 5 minutes. No exaggeration here.

Me and my sister-in-law (I hate that term) and her sister and sister-in-law went to see When In Rome. I LOVED it. Go watch it. Right now. Well you can't because it's still in theaters and you probably have some reason for why you can't get out of your chair and go. But I hope you get to!  Also, when you go, don't forget to go with at least 3 people to Harkins. Because when you buy a $25 gift card, you get a free popcorn. So buy the card, use it immediately and get free stuff. I'm smart huh?

Hubby should be here soon. We will be cooking for his bro who just moved here. And by we, I mean he. It should be fun. We now have 5 of 8 siblings within reach! Come back Hanayyay and Bad, and Hannah and Jarrett, Lisa and Blaine! We miss you!


  1. Can i just say that i love you? and that i misss you!!

  2. You are such a cute blogger!! I think I"m with david on the diet. Yay for walking. Boo for potty training. :D

  3. I might add that the food your hubby cooked that night for us was fabulay!:) Thanks to you guys!:) And thanks for all your help and your love and support. We love you!