I Have Something Against LDS Affiliated Schools

BYU, Southern Virginia, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, and all the other not-really-Mormon-but-basically-are schools are the schools I am talking about.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but not being allowed to wear flip flops or pajama pants to class seems pretty lame to me. Being told how late you can stay up, no boys past midnight (cause that's when the Spirit goes to sleep), etc.... these things are all ridiculous. I'm probably going to get yelled at for saying such things but once again, I don't care.

I guess that's why we have freedom of choice. That doesn't mean I can't talk schmack about it. I mostly hate that it's so controlled. I'm not a controlled kind of person. Maybe that's why I went to Northern Arizona University (which is NOT a hippie school by the way).

BYU-Hawaii is the exception to the lack of cultural diversity. There, over 50% of the population is international. At the other schools you are most likely to find students to be cut out from the same mold. White, Mormon, etc... That's fine, if you're into that.

When I lived in PA, I tried to convince all of my college age friends NOT go to the BYU's. It didn't work. Then I realized that for them, attending a school with more than 1 person who believes the same as they do, would be pretty awesome. So I do get it. I really do. It's just not for me.

So now my heart is totally softened. My friend takes pictures for people who have lost their baby. I'm sad now. So I'm gonna end this post. Till later that is...


  1. I love this blog. I won't send you hate mail because I completely agree with you and also you are entitled to ANY opinion that you want. Its YOUR blog too. Who cares about those will probably send you hate mail. I like it. =) xoxo

  2. I could not agree with you more!! When I lived in Prove & BYU apporved housing I HATED IT!!! I was so annoyed all the time! I dont think I will encourage my children to go there. Humm maybe I dont know about that. Good environment. Oh well I've got a long time before I have to worry about that right!!

  3. Since I went to BYU-I, I'll tell you the two reasons why people go there:

    1. To have a bigger selection of mormons to date and/or marry
    2. The tuition is freakin' cheap compared to any other college even if you're not a member of the church

    I loved the school and they have excellent programs, but some of the rules are pretty silly. I'm not going to disagree with you on that. I have never agreed with the flip-flop rule (it only exists at the Idaho campus). I think it has something to do with not wanting the students to look sloppy or something. Whatever the reason, it's stupid. And as for curfew- they basically have it to discourage people from having sex. But the people who want to sleep around are going to do it regardless of a curfew rule anyway.

  4. I agree with you!! and I'm pretty sure I'm one of those people you tried to convince haha...sorry :/ I love it here but yeah some of the rules are quite ridiculous, but I'm just happy I'm not at BYU-I where they are super strict in telling you when you have to be in your apartment and such! I get to rub it in my friend's faces that we can stay out as late as we want, we just have to have boys out of the apartment by a certain time...but still yes I do agree with you :)

  5. I'm right there with ya! I think it's lame that they try to parent college-age kids! Time to let them make their own decisions! Although the flip flop thing is not a rule at BYU--just so you know. :) Just BYU-Idaho I think. And the pajamas too I'm pretty sure...I'm just glad I lived at home instead of BYU housing.

  6. Never went to BYU's, but did go to LDS Business College. Loved it!