It's That Important

Seriously. I'm over it. You don't like Obama. I get it. I don't appreciate the disgusting prejudice hater texts and e-mails.

Don't send them and then write things that say "I am excited to see what he will do as a president. It's good to have change."

That's totally hypocritical.

I may or may not like him. I won't tell you. Either way, I am not prejudice. Even if you are joking, it's the mentality spreading around. Ha ha ha it's a joke until everyone decides to go nuts and do stupid crazy things. I'm extreme yes. Do I care? No. I'm pregnant. Two days overdue thanks.

Speaking of which, when is she coming? I don't know. Does anyone wanna make a bet? I'll send out a prize or something. Oh wait, no I won't. But maybe I will. I have lots of new baby girl clothes. I'll send you one if you get it right. Lol. I'm funny. I think we are officially ready. We have the car back now. Remember how I was in an accident? We finally got my beauty of an Apple(her name) back with the camera charger in tact. I think God knew I needed those things before baby girl could come. So... yay.

Well, I'm going to attempt to get ready for church. I'm reposting this to my blogger blog because it's important. (I originally posted this to my Myspace).

I just wanna say one more thing about our future Elect. We don't know how things are going to turn out.

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