Are you effing kidding me?

My 8th grade love and I made contact through Facebook. He wrote me first and asked how I was doing and such. I responded telling him that I am good. I asked if he would be interested in coming to a friends reunion. I had made contact with some of the other girls I was super close to in 7th and 8th grade. I found them in the first place because of a notebook I found upstairs in my moms house. We passed this notebook around and wrote about our life experiences and such. I told this boy that his name was mentioned a few times. He probably thought he was mentioned by me. Not so. It was two of the other girls that really liked him and wrote about it. Anyway, I failed to mention that point in the message. Anyway, I continued on with my message to him and ended with a "Love- Lisa". It's my casual friendly way of a goodbye. Right? He wrote me back and at the end of his message said this; "To avoid even the appearance of evil and to help both of us be comfortable, let's keep writing and such strictly platonic. So we should avoid talking about past relationships (even journals perhaps) and let's not end messages with "love" too. Cool?" Uhhhh NO. Not cool, you silly Mormon crazy boy. I felt like I was in 8th grade again when I read that. I seriously freaked out. Why does it upset me so? Maybe it's because I feel like we are both adults and should probably be able to talk as such. He was like that when I knew him back in the day too. Maybe I shouldn't be so freaked out. Needless to say, I haven't responded and probably won't. What am I supposed to say to that? What I wanna say is "You are ridiculous and should probably get a life if a letter ended with "Love" gets to you." Then I would probably offer to hook him up with a girl that would give him the time of his life (if you know what I mean), with hopes that he might loosen up a little. Oh well. He will probably be a lot happier once he has sex. I bet by then he won't even be phased by the mention of the word love or journal or something. These were the comments that came with it (From Myspace) Jaime Weilacher p.s. i'm calling you so soon. it'll be great. Reply3 years ago Jaime Weilacher wow! we need all the crazies in the world! they give us normals (that's you and me) something to jump up and down about! i love you! i loooooooooooove you! Reply3 years ago Jen Millward I can't believe he found you! How crazy! I don't think I would write him again if I were you. Sometimes, things like that should stay in the past, ya know what I mean? Anyway, when are we getting together? Matt and I leave in 10 days!! Love you! Jenny Reply3 years ago

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