Okay. I'd like to tell about a little experience I had yesterday at a meeting with Doug Dyke, my "boss" at the high school.

He met with me, and two of the other women I coach with. We discussed things we needed to change, and things going on for the next year. Oh yeah, I coach cheerleading for those who don't know.

Anyway, he then proceeded to tell me we would be meeting with the woman who yelled at me on the phone a week earlier. Doug had asked me to call her back and I said I wouldn't do that. She was actually yelling at me. I finally had to get off the phone with her because I was crying. I told my boss I would not subject myself to more verbal abuse but if he wanted to meet with us, I would be happy to do that.

The story with her daughter goes like this. She tried out. Didn't score very high (on all 4 of our judging sheets), made JV, and is pissed. So she is either sending her mom to do the dirty work, or her mom is choosing to do it herself because she wants to live vicariously through her daughter and making JV is just not acceptable.

Ok. So the mom shows up. With her husband. Oh great.

We are sitting there. Picture this. All three of us coaches on one side. Doug, the mediator in the middle and the parents facing us on the other side. Doug started out calmly by telling them that we would give every opportunity to their daughter to move up to Varsity full time. She had to prove it to us. They had more of a desire to grill us about our qualifications, our judging sheets, everything. I couldn't stop staring at the lightening bolt earring in Mr. Jerks ear, or maybe it was lightening in his eyes... I can't remember. Anyway, we heard the sob story of their daughter who has cheered for two whole years on varsity, and played in the band WHILE cheering at football. Are we blind to her mad skills or what? It wasn't really a mellow conversation at all. Mr Jerk said something about us all being from bimboville which is when Doug called the meeting to an end. The other coaches promptly stood up and left. Mrs. Jerk confronted me (she is like 5 feet tall mind you) and said that if I can't talk to her face to face I don't belong in the position I'm in. She said I don't care, and that I am not aware of these girls feelings. I said to her that she shouldn't judge me because she doesn't know me. I said 'excuse me', and left. On my way out (this is my favorite quote of all time), this is what Mr. Jerk said to me. Really. "You can take your fat ass back to bimboville".

WHAT THE HECK? Sorry Mormons for the bad language but I have never been so insulted in my life. I left crying. It was seriously awful. You can't tell me she is the prettiest thing you have ever seen. I know I am not. But to call ME the fat ace? Come on.

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  1. I had a similar experience while I was working at a doctor's office back in Idaho. And I was also once cussed out while working in retail for something that I had no control over. Gotta love ignorant, selfish people.