Better Baby?

I've heard it more than once. "I'm scared to have another baby because I'm afraid it won't be as perfect/wonderful/amazing/charming as my first." Blah. I only pray that my second will be better than my first. Not that Jack Jack is the devil child (though he can turn into a ball of fire if he wants, right Holdaway?), but he has his moments. For example, today has been nothing but non-stop crying or whining. First because he didn't want to eat his PB & J, secondly because he couldn't get the door open, third he wanted my makeup bag. And I said no. He hates the word no. Whenever I say it with the stern face, he cries. I'm starting the disciplining thing and I have no idea what I'm doing. If anyone has ideas, please share.

I'm quitting the stay-at-home mom thing. I want to work which is why I'm looking for at least a part-time job in the evenings. That way, David can come home from work and I can go. Jackson won't have to be in daycare and everyone is happy (although I wouldn't mind if he went to daycare, it's his dad that does).

I can't even open my windows for fear that the people looking in will be frightened away by my disgusting house. "Why don't you clean it", you ask? I'm overwhelmed. No excuse right? Well that is a totally legitimate excuse in my book. It's actually on page 1. My nugget (Jackson) is now sitting next to me with a jelly face and no pants. Sooo white trash. But I love it.

Onto other more interesting topics. American Idol's Finale is tonight. It's strange how people's tastes change as they get older. If I was 14, I would for sure be voting for David A. However, because I am now more mature in age, David C.'s music better fits my musical choices. Don't worry, I have downloaded (legally mind you), a couple of David A's songs because I think his voice is amazing. And the whole more mature thing... that was a joke.

OOOOhh and I cannot even wait for So You Think You Can Dance to start. I love the summer for that reason. Okay, and the gorgeous weather helps as well.

Is it bad that the only interesting things I have to talk about are my dirty child, house and TV? I guess I should get back into scrapbooking so I have more stuff to talk about. ha ha. I'm so funny. Well the Nugget is once again crying. I must go take care of him.

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  1. I think you'll have a hard time finding a baby with better superpowers than jak-jak.