It's kind of sad how much I like television. I wish I didn't. I am such a fan though, of reality t.v. I can't get enough. Let's see, right now there is Big Brother (my all time fav.), Survivor, and this new one I just started watching tonight called Here Come the Newlyweds. Instead of watching those shows I should probably excercise. I know "they" say you can excercise while you watch, uh.... no you can't. Not if I want to get all of it.

I put quotations around the "they" in the previous paragraph because I have often wondered who "they" are. They say that you shouldn't do this, or they say you should that. Whatever. Until I know who they are, I'm gonna do whatever I want.

Jackson is officially spoiled. Or maybe it's just that his mom is attached. I started to hold him and snuggle him before he went to sleep until he fell asleep. Tonight I went to put him down in his crib and he cried and cried. I picked him up, brought him out to the living room and he went right to sleep on my chest. He even buried his face in my shirt. It was so cute. It's true what "they" say (lol), babies grow up way to fast.

I want a cat. I love them. I keep seeing them all over the neighborhood and they are so cute. Can everyone keep a secret from my landlord if I get one? Oh wait, she is in my branch. I should probably not lie.

Okay. I go now to eat or something (since that's my favorite thing).

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