Mom Jeans

It's so weird how I come up with the silliest things I want to write about right before I go to bed. I was sitting at Wal-Mart the other day, okay I wasn't really sitting I was standing, waiting to make pictures at the Kodak kiosk. I noticed how many people were wearing mom jeans. Now, I know most people aren't blind so why on earth do they pick mom jeans to wear? Tapered ankles and high top shoes are just not in. This is not to say I am stylish myself but at least I know that mom jeans are ugly. I'm sorry if I offend people.. no I am not. Anyway, I love the ones that show socks too. They are my favorite. I think people should watch "What not to Wear". They are NOT flattering to anyone. This brings me to my next least favorite fashion.

SKINNY JEANS! What the...? I hate them. Maybe I'm just jealous because cute skinny people can wear them and I can't. Maybe I should. No. That would not be pretty. But seriously? What's even funnier is that the people usually wearing skinny jeans are guys with emo hair. If you wear skinny jeans, I judge you.

One more thing I hate? okay, nothing. I can't think of anything anyway.

At least J and I might go test drive a Nissan today. I really want one. David won't let me get a minivan so I want to go all out and get a 2009 Nissan Murano. It is no where near a reality for us, but that does not mean we can't dream right?

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