What a good one.

So. Sometimes in life you watch movies that make you feel things. Tonight I watched one of those movies. I won't say the name of it because I feel like I might give too much away.

As we were watching, some of the people in the audience got embarrassed during some of the parts because they were uncomfortable to watch/see/hear. However, for me, they were real. Not in the actual sense, but in the general sense.

In the film, the main character deals with a lot of crap. She loses her mom (emotionally) to an awful man, is judged because she's different (and doesn't know why),  and is confused at what reality/truth are. I relate to this girl.

The end was wonderful. I cried. The mom forgives, the girl forgives and it's truly touching. I often wonder if I have forgiven. I think I have yet to do so. That's why I am working on it.  Thank goodness for Al-Anon.
It's crazy how something like that can inspire people. David is writing a song, maybe not because of this movie, but I am writing because of it. I actually haven't written in awhile. I have SO much to say. Seriously. I write blogs in my head every night before I go to bed. And they are usually good. I write and rewrite it until I get it right. And then I am too tired to get up and put it on "paper" or computer I should say.

Tonight I will write just a few of those things though.

I went to D.C. this weekend. It was awful. Memories and thoughts flooded my mind. I'm not sure why it all happened that weekend, but it did. Anyway, on the way home I was thinking about how we all answer to someone. I don't know why either. Why do we care? Aaron gave a good answer. He said that maybe its because of the consequences. Makes sense. I guess my question then would be, why do people make stupid rules? We were at the Sheetz stopping for a restroom break and in the restaurant area there was a handmade sign that said "Eating area is for one hour use only". Why? Why does an hour or two hours make any difference to anyone?

Just one of those things I was thinking about.

I want to go back to the movie. I loved it. I seriously hope that the ending of that movie happens to me. I know it "only happens in the movies" but I want it in my life for real. A lot of work has yet to be done.

That's all for now. I think I am gonna try and write more often. 

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