If I could turn back time.

It's not like I even know what to say.

I watched my cell phone change times today. Only the minute changed but it was a weird sensation. I thought for a half second that it was me who changed it. Then I was back to reality. What if I could change time?

What if I could go forward and then go back? What if I could manipulate time so that it worked to my benefit? I think then, I wouldn't exisit.

I've been thinking a lot lately. About a lot of things. I have been reading other peoples blogs and they inspire my own thoughts. I like it. I wish people blogged more often.

I changed my voicemail message. It's funny. Well not that funny.

I'm ready to admit to the world that I have been going to the cancer bed. Yes. I have been tanning. I want to get rid of my stretch marks. Thanks to Alyssa, I also have Mederma cream that is helping as well. I know I will never fully get rid of them, but I wanna try for now.

Ooooh it just thundered real loud. Crazy. I LOVE the rain. I love the smell of rain. Did you know that's the smell of the ozone? Look it up. I'm not lying.

I'm going to a girl movie tonight with Megan, Caitlyn and Janell. I bet you are jealous.

I have a 6 page paper to write as well. If someone wants to write it for me, I will pay you. It's a social psychology paper based on Social Learning Theory by Alburt Bandura. Anyone? anyone?

Ok. Bye. 

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