Thursday, August 18, 2005

 Posted Date: : Aug 18, 2005 12:21 PM           
I can't handle the drama anymore. It's everywhere. In cheer, in my own friendships, at home.... EVERYWHERE! I can't escape it. I wish it would die. I'm sick today. I have this nasty cold and I honestly think it's because I haven't slept. I think I need to sleep in. Which I will do tomorrow!Yay! I don't care what anyone says. Judge me all you want I hope it is rainy. I love when it is rainy. I really would like to express my feelings on here but I was a little embarrassed when I thought that someone wrote a blog about me but then I found out it was only for the preferred list and I was the only one on the preferred list. At least that's what I think. Who knows though? Anyway, I am hoping that all the drama will end soon. I want it too. The Cheer drama makes me a little sad because I don't want to lose my best cheerleader over drama. Skills over Drama. I hope that wins. Cheer is so dang fun to coach. I wish we could get past our stupid learning of the cheers phase. Everyone is so bored with it. Even I am. I want to stunt and dance and do things like that. It's so fun. I can tell them what I want them to do and it's great. Mike came in this last Tuesday to train us. It was hard core. I am so glad that he is a personal trainer. He's totally gonna help us get better at jumps and strength. I bet you all of my cheerleaders all want to make out with him. He's so dang sweet. He got David a paintball gun for his birthday. NICE!!! He's such a changed person. I am so happy for him. Anyway, back to the drama. nah. I don't want to talk about it anymore. I am going to write some smut.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Current mood:sick

Yeah. I just got back from one! I survived! It was actually fun.David's dads side of the family is crazy but SO fun. I love them. I am just so dang tired from waking up early EVERY day of the week. Yes. 4:45 a.m. comes really soon. Well what I really want to talk about is the fact that family drives me nuts sometimes. See... I live in a town with in-laws and my own family and they judge SO bad. They all want to control my life too. I hate that. I am actually really excited that I am moving into a ghetto trailer because then my mom won't know when I am at home or when I am sleeping in or anything. That will make me happy. Sometimes I think about how I am actually happy with life right now but not really. I have an ok job. I LOVE cheer. And I am going back to school. I love the busy life. I just don't know if I love where I am. I want to move away but we can't do that right now. It just wouldn't work out. So how do I deal with the situation I am in? It's not like I can ignore my family. It's not like I dont' live in the smallest town ever so even if I did want to ignore them, I'd run into them at Safeway or something. Probably there because you see everyone there. Anyway. It's good times. I love my family don't get me wrong but sometimes you just need time. Ok. Onto another subject. I miss David. It's um..... crazy because he's still in Utah in a place where there is no service and so I can't talk to him for like 3 days. He's out 4 wheeling and having a great time and I am stuck here. I hope he doesn't die. It's weird because I feel like I am single again but not really. I sleep by myself and I eat Spaghettios and things. It's a good time.

Friday, August 5, 2005

Current mood:good
SO do you hate them? I do. Let me tell you a little story about my day yesterday. I came home from work and I noticed that all I saw was wings. EVERYWHERE. So I sat there for like 5 minutes contemplating what i should do because I didn't want to go outside because there was a million.... no joke.... red ants everywhere. They were swarming to our house. SO I finally get out of the car and David runs to the window and tells me not to come in. (He's naked by the way. Even though I can't tell because the window only goes the the waist.) I am standing at my car ready to run but he told me there was like 200 of them in the house. Anyway, he says that they are everywhere and that there is a snake too. So I got back in my car. I wasn't going to go in. He came running out and we left that place for good. I WISH! We just went to his parents house for awhile. And to the movie. It was good times. I think I am pretty brave just because I WAS going to go in. That is a big step for me. I hate bugs.

Current mood:nervous
So.... everyday since the last show of American Idol, I have been checking the website to find out when the next tryouts are because we are going. Don't worry... I am not auditioning.... David is. And it is going to be so fun. I wonder which place we will go to. The one in San Francisco is the closest I think. But it's the first one. And it's the 18th of this month! That's crazy. But I think we will do it. How nerve-wrecking. I am so excited and nervous and it's not even me that is trying out. Oh wow. It's gonna be fun. Anyway, you all have to vote if David makes it. He's super. And you will love him. I was feeling a little sad earlier but now I am happy. Thank you American Idol.