Popular People

So my friend (a.k.a. Janet Reno) thinks that only popular people are on this thing. I am not popular and i am in here. Popularity is so for high school people anyway. So my question for today is how in the heck do you preview your blog without erasing it? I hate this thing. But I am seriously addicted. I have been at work for four hours and I've been playing around on this for about 3.54 hours of it. I should probably go back to reading my book. It's so dang good. I read 194 pages in one night over a span of four hours last night. I'm so cool. Well David and Kolten and Adam were jamming in the living room and since they wouldn't let me be there backup singer/dancer I had no other choice but to retreat to another room.

Also, I found out my sister is a member of this elite group of myspacers and I am quite dissapointed in what I found out. I am not going to tell you who she is because she is 15 and beautiful. She didn't even tell me. I don't want to lose all my friends to her. Anyway, time to eat.
P.S. I am reading the illustrated version of this book and it is SOOOO good

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