Friday, October 23, 2015

10 Things U.S. Military Wives Overseas Dream Of: Target Edition

Listen. We aren't idiots. We're not even asking for a Target brick and mortar store to be near us. We have handled the shipping times, and the wait for the packages.  We just want desire neeeeed a few things to curb our insatiable appetite for the Red. And these are it.

1) Dollar Bins. Online. Free Shipping.
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2) Red carts at the Commissary.
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3) The possibility of towels shipped to our APO boxes.

4) And Rugs

5) Online orders shipped with The Plastic Bags. I'm going with 1 bag per 2 items purchased? That seems fair.

6) Red carts at the PX

7) A Scentsy/Glade Plug-in flavor called "The Target Store". You know that one that rushes over you when you walk in the doors? Mmmm. Popcorn and Starbucks and Dollar Bins.

8) Clearance Racks Online.

9) Market Pantry Food Online. Please.
(We can actually purchase these 5 items online. lol)

10) The PX Workers to wear more red shirts. And tan pants.

I don't think it's asking too much. If you aren't overseas or don't have regular access to a Target, what would you add? 

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